The model 890e is the latest member of the 890 family of versatile fuel cell test loads. These computer-controlled instruments consist of a multi-range programmable electronic load, fuel flow and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions in a compact rack-mount or bench-top unit. Add the 880 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) option for integrated High Frequency Resistance (HFR) and full range Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurement.  *NEW* The 890 Series is now supported by the SAI 885 Integrated Fuel Cell Potentiostat!


Featuring Multiple Current Ranges in 5/25/50A, 10/50/100A, 12/62/125A or 25/125/250A Configurations at 125W or 500W and 50/250/500A at 1KW

The 890e is the latest member of the 890 family of versatile fuel cell test loads. The 890e is a computer controlled instrument with a multi-range programmable electronic load, fuel flow and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions in a compact rack mount or bench top unit. The 890e series loads are targeted at small to medium size (up to 500A, 1KW) single cell or low-power stack for laboratory research. The 890e's multiple current range capability enhances its versatility and performance over a wide range of test applications and test environments.

New Model Available: 890e 50/250/500A 1,000W

The 890e sets the new benchmark, in value and performance, for fuel cell test loads. The 890e is fully compatible with our FuelCell® (Windows 2000/XP) software package creating a powerful tool for conducting your experiments.

Improved Performance and Enhanced Features at the SAME PRICE!


The 890e is designed for use with a fuel cell or stack, custom or third-party fuel management unit, and our optional internal model 880 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for full-spectrum Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and continuous High Frequency Resistance (HFR) measurement.
  • Remote operation from IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface configured from front panel
  • Multifunction front panel text display with function select button
  • Electronic load with three current ranges for high measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range
  • Constant current, voltage, or power control mode
  • Built-in current interrupt cell resistance measurement
  • Whole-cell sense voltage input, plus two additional high-impedance reference electrode inputs
  • Optional internal FRA with real-time high frequency resistance (HFR) capability
  • Connections for Solartron FRA (for models without internal FRA)
  • Impedance measurement using whole-cell or either reference electrode input
  • Automatic shutdown in hardware for over-current, under-voltage, over-power, load temperature, and cell temperature alarm conditions
  • Connector for optional interface box or direct gas management unit
  • Cell main terminals and sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
  • Internal controllers for anode and cathode humidifier and cell temperatures
  • Analog input/output ports for two main mass flow controllers (or DMFC pump) and up to five additional (reformate) mass flow controllers
  • Low voltage output signal to control purge gas valves
  • Contact inputs for three pressure sensors or alarms
  • Low voltage output signal to indicate alarm condition
  • RS485 digital interface for external temperature controllers
  • Optional interface box for non-integrated fuel system designs


  • 885 PStat : Fuel Cell Potentiostat
  • 880 FRA : Integrated Frequency Resistance Analyzer (FRA) for High Frequency Resistance (HFR) and impedance measurement from 1 mHz to 10 kHz
  • Reformate gas mixing
  • Pump for liquid reactant fuel cells (+DM)
  • 892e Data Acquisition Expansion System : Additional 8 Voltage and 8 Temperature inputs
  • Dual Area Cell Fixture : Test Fixture for PEM / DMFC

Download the 890e Datasheet

FuelCell® Software Capabilities

  • Apply and control a current, voltage, or power load on the fuel cell under test
  • Measure fuel cell impedance at full operating current (requires additional hardware)
  • Operate the purge and fuel gas streams for a PEM type fuel cell
  • Control fuel cell test fixture and gas humidification temperatures
  • Scale fuel cell parameters for area, current, and operating voltage
  • Monitor performance over a wide range of time intervals
  • Display data using a wide variety of axis formats
  • Observe fuel cell performance through cell resistance and Tafel slope measurement
  • Save data files and experimental setup parameters to disk
  • Run with, or without, fuel gas control
  • Select from 13 preset graphs, or create graphs from any of 11 variables and time
  • Data easily imported into a wide range of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel
  • Built-in impedance measurement software

For additional information about load sizes, performance data, pricing, and receiving a demonstration disk or complete specifications for the test load systems and FuelCell® software package, contact us.

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