The Model 890ZV consists of a programmable electronic load, fuel, and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions in an integrated bench-top unit. A built-in power source makes the 890ZV particularly well suited for small single-cell SOFC work for research, laboratory, and educational use. *NEW* The 890 Series is now supported by the SAI 885 Integrated Fuel Cell Potentiostat!


The 890ZV, like earlier models, is optimized for cost and size, and offers extra hardware features and Scribner Associates’ FuelCell® software.

The 890ZV is typically used with a SOFC fuel cell, a suitable furnace, and a fuel management unit. It is available with an optional internal model 880 Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA). An interface box may be purchased for non-integrated fuel system designs.




  • Load system with bucking power source for SOFC high-resistance cell leads
  • Remote operation from USB-GPIB interface with SAI FuelCell® software
  • Electronic load with two current ranges: 5 / 25 Amps
  • Constant current, voltage, or power control mode
  • Current Interrupt (iR) cell resistance measurement
  • Whole cell sense voltage input and two high-impedance reference electrode inputs
  • Optional internal impedance analyzer with real-time high frequency resistance (HFR) capability
  • Impedance measurement using whole-cell or either reference electrode input
  • Automatic shutdown in hardware for over-current, under-voltage, over-power, load temperature and cell / furnace temperature alarm conditions
  • Ramping cell/furnace temperature control
  • Cell main terminals and sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
  • Internal temperature controllers for anode humidifier and cell/furnace temperatures
  • Multifunction front panel text display with function select button
  • Connections for Solartron impedance analyzer (for models without internal impedance analyzer)
  • Connector for optional interface box or direct gas management unit connection
  • Analog input/output ports for two main gas mass flow controllers, and up to five additional mass flow controllers including anode forming gas mixtures
  • Low voltage output signal to control purge gas valves
  • Contact inputs for three supply pressure sensors and three auxiliary alarms
  • Low voltage alarm output signal to indicate fault condition
  • RS-485 digital interface for external temperature controllers


  • 885 PStat : Fuel Cell Potentiostat
  • 880 FRA : Integrated Frequency Resistance Analyzer (FRA) for High Frequency Resistance (HFR) and impedance measurement from 1 mHz to 10 kHz
  • Reformate gas mixing
  • 892e Data Acquisition Expansion System : Additional 8 Voltage and 8 Temperature inputs
Download the 890ZV Datasheet


FuelCell®Software Capabilities

  • Apply and control a current, voltage, or power load on the fuel cell under test
  • Measure fuel cell impedance at full operating current (requires additional hardware)
  • Operate the purge and fuel gas streams for a PEM type fuel cell
  • Control fuel cell test fixture and gas humidification temperatures
  • Scale fuel cell parameters for area, current, and operating voltage
  • Monitor performance over a wide range of time intervals
  • Display data using a wide variety of axis formats
  • Observe fuel cell performance through cell resistance and Tafel slope measurement
  • Save data files and experimental setup parameters to disk
  • Run with, or without, fuel gas control
  • Select from 13 preset graphs or create graphs from any of 11 variables and time
  • Data easily imported into a wide range of spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel
  • Built-in impedance measurement software
A demo version of the FuelCell®program is available. The demo version is a fully featured copy of FuelCell® which may be installed so that it requires no instruments.

Contact us for additional information about load sizes, performance data, pricing, and receiving a demonstration disk or complete specifications for the test load systems and FuelCell® software package.

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