840 Fuel Cell Test System

✓ Integrated Turn-Key Test System

✓ Increased Flow Rate Capability 6-12 SLPM

✓ Humidifier Bypass for Wet/Dry Testing

✓ Multiple Current Ranges for Accurate Measurement Over Wide Dynamic Range

✓ Impedance Spectroscopy & HFR Option

✓ Anode & Cathode Gas Mixing Options

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740 Membrane Test System

The 740 MTS is ideally suited for development of new ionomers and solid electrolytes. It offers rapid and accurate measurement of the through-thickness membrane resistance and conductivity as a function of temperature, humidity level and pressure.


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855 SOFC Test System

✓ Zero Volt Capability for Lower Measurement Range

✓ Probostat Test Fixture and Furnace with Redundant Over-Temp Control Available

✓ High Performance & Accuracy

✓ FuelCell® Software Included

✓ Experimental Methods Manual Included

✓ Optional Impedance Spectroscopy & HFR

✓ Intergrated, Turn-Key Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test System

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850e Fuel Cell Test System

The 850e is ideal for single-cell and short-stack fuel cell research and university programs, and the powerful FuelCell® software package is included for controlling station operation.


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Scribner Associates Inc.

Is a leading developer of high-quality instrumentation and software for the electrochemical research and development (R&D) community. Scribner Associates’ hardware and software products are used by academic, private and government laboratories in the areas of fuel cell development and evaluation, battery and redox flow cell technology, corrosion science and engineering, electrochemical sensors and multi-electrode arrays.

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