The 740 MTS is ideally suited for development of new ionomers and solid electrolytes. It offers rapid and accurate measurement of the through-thickness membrane resistance and conductivity as a function of temperature, humidity level and pressure.


NEW! Dr. Kevin Cooper has published a new article in the journal Macromolecules on the properties of Rigid-Rod Poly(phenylenesulfonic acid) PEMs with Cross-Linkable Biphenyl Groups for Fuel Cell Applications featuring resistance and conductivity data using Scribner’s 740 Membrane Test System (MTS). Macromolecules members can read it here:

The 740 MTS eliminates the time-consuming approach of catalyzing a membrane and assembling a fuel cell to evaluate the ionomer performance.

*NEW* SAI now offers (2) compatible Frequency Response Analyzers for the MTS 740:

- The industry standard Solartron Analytical 1260 FRA.

- And introducing the affordable PSM1735 FRA from Newtons4th:
Newtons4th PSM1735 FRA
Learn more about the PSM1735's performance here.

Scribner MTS740


Download the 740 MTS Datasheet | Download the MTS4 Software (version 4.4c, released 9/13/2017) Release Notes

*NEW* Application Note on Cell Resistance for SGL 25BC GDL when used with 740 MTS.

Download the Excel® spreadsheet that calculates the relationship between gas relative humidity, water vapor partial pressure and percent wet as function of user-defined operating conditions of humidifier temperature, sample temperature and system pressure. MTS 740 users will find this tool valuable when developing RH test profiles for membrane resistance and conductivity testing.

See the PROGRESS MEA 2010 Conference presentation on the 740 MTS as presented in La Grand Motte, France, 19-22 September 2010.

K. R. Cooper, "Progress Toward Accurate Through-Plane Ion Transport Resistance Measurement of Thin Solid Electrolytes," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 157, B1731 (2010).MTS740-holder

Principal Scientist Dr. Kevin Cooper presented a new paper at Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells 11, at the 220th ECS Meeting, Boston, 9-14 Oct 2011, Paper # B10-1043. Click to download K.R. Cooper, "Characterizing Through-Plane and In-plane Ionic Conductivity of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes," ECS Transactions, 41(1) 1371-1380 (2011).

The 740 MTS and membrane resistance measurement procedure enables differentiation of the in-plane and through-plane resistance and conductivity of anisotropic membranes such as W.L. Gore & Associates’ supported membranes. To learn more, download this presentation.

**Latest References: Download a list of the latest papers referencing the MTS 740.

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 *NEW* BT-710 Cell Head for In-Plane Membrane Conductivity Measurements with the 740 MTS and a benchtop Potentiostat.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


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