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bekktech-logoThe 900 MMA provides a graphical interface for data acquisition and real-time display of multiple microelectrode currents and/or potentials as a function of spatial position.  The 910 MMA includes impedance measurement on each electrode in an array.


The Scribner Associates Model 900B Multichannel Microelectrode Analyzer (MMA) is designed for use with macro- and micro- scale electrode grids, segmented striplines and other spatial electrode or sensor arrays. Applications include corrosion studies, current distribution analysis, biosensors, chemical sensors, simulated and real crevice monitoring, under film and delamination studies as well as a host of novel applications. It has been designed to be a flexible tool for electrochemists wanting to study small, multielectrode systems or sensors.

The Model 900B MMA is equipped to measure 100 Working Electrode current channels with sensitive ZRAs and/or measure electrode segment potentials with high impedance electrometers. An on-board microprocessor based data acquisition system with 16 bit converters provides a wide dynamic range and low noise current and potential measurement. The 100 channels of analog signal conditioning is divided into interchangeable electronics groups of 10 channels each. The signal processing electronics are integrated closely with the test electrode socket for minimum signal path length and optimum shielding.

A built-in potentiostat provides polarization control of the electrode array with a counter electrode and single reference electrode. Offset polarization of an individual electrode segment is possible with a 12 bit accuracy for each signal conditioning group. Combinations of reference and working electrodes are possible by mixing the signal conditioning group electronics.


Model 910 MMA-Z Multichannel Microelectrode Analyzer with Impedance - The Model 910 MMA-Z is a general purpose DC and AC Impedance capable multichannel instrument for electrochemical measurements on micro-electrode arrays.Applications include biological and chemical sensor arrays and assays; combinatorial electrochemistry and high-throughput materials evaluation; current distribution analysis and electrode interaction; and corrosion science.The Model 910 MMA is a powerful, flexible laboratory tool for the study and development of multi-electrode systems.

The Model 910 MMA-Z is equipped for 100 channels of current measurement with sensitive zero resistance ammeters (ZRA), an integrated DPS-based Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for full-spectrum EIS measurements. Optional high input-impedance electrometers facilitate potential measurements. On-board microprocessor-based data acquisition system with 16-bit resolution provides wide dynamic range and low-noise current and potential measurement.



Typical Applications

  • Chemical & Biological Sensor Arrays
  • Combinatorial Electrochemistry
  • Electrode & Electrocatalyst Materials Development
  • Current Distribution Mapping
  • Corrosion Science & Engineering
  • Inhibitor & Coating Evaluation

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) combined with traditional DC Electrochemistry such as Potential Scans, Square Waves, or Cyclic Voltammetry, may be performed on either the entire array, or on a group of segments. Combination arrays of working and reference electrodes are possible by mixing the signal conditioning group electronics.A built-in potentiostat provides polarization control of the electrode array with a common counter and reference electrode. Offset polarization of electrode segment groups is possible with 12-bit resolution.

Windows graphical interface provides for real-time display of current and/or potential for each electrode. User-defined spatial arrangement to accommodate your electrode array configuration.

A profile of row and column data may be selected with peak and average values displayed in real time. Data collected by the local microprocessor is updated every 40 milliseconds and presented in the display window.Raw data is logged to an ASCII file that can be easily imported into standard spreadsheet or graphic display programs for off-line analysis.A time-stamped snapshot of the entire electrode data can be recorded.

A convenient MMA software control panel is provided for setting the gain, offset and averaging parameters of the displayed data. This feature permits easy normalization for display purposes without affecting the raw data.

Controls are also provided for the internal potentiostat to set the applied potential of the working electrode as well as the desired offset value for each group of electrode segments. Additional channels are available for electrode substrate and/or cell temperature control. A batch preset menu is used to set the conditions for the electrode that may be applied as a step function.

Download MMA Software Version 1.7f (9/13/2017)

Note: MMA Software can be used in Demonstration Mode if the MMA hardware is not available.

Download 900 MMA datasheet

Download 910 MMA datasheet

OPTIONS - Modules:

Each input module has 10 channels; 10 modules required for completely populating the instrument. Scaling is provided in the MMA software for the use of any one current range at a time. Additional ZRA modules are available with the following current ranges:

  • Model 900ZRA1 with 33 pA - 1 uA current range
  • Model 900ZRA10 with 330 pA - 10 uA current range
  • Model 900ZRA100 with 3.3 nA to 100 uA current range.
  • Model 900EL Electrometer Module

See the MMA's list of citations here.

Application Notes:

MMA 900/910 Configuration and Application Examples

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